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Solar Energy


Build Trax Resources Solar is a branded Solar Products

 casp solar cells

 At a time when energy resources are an important issue, Build Trax Resources emerges with solar solutions with cleaner, greener more ecologically smart products.

 Their solar panel contains silicon cells from Germany and are of high qaulity. With the basic design, Solar Energy is a simple task, even for first time users. Obtaining lighting for 4-5 hours is a snap, and is generally sufficient for night use.

Solar products are the best backup product for power failures, and as standby systems, according to Build

Trax Resources, especially with some of their products being portable, and prividing dual purpose

indoor/outdoor versatile usage. Build Trax Resources notes some of the more popular uses of their devices to be:

Portable light and fans for picnics

-auto repairs and maintenance

-fishing and other outdoor affairs

-garden parties

-as well as their Commercial Solar Stand Alone System (non-grid) and Solar Hybrid Systems, such as solar streetlight, solar generator, and more.

-Some of their products include:

-Solar Pull Charger Flashlight

-Solar Flood Light

-SSolar Power Light – Solar Portable Light

-Solar Wall Washer Light-Solar Energy Lights

-Indoor Solar Lights

-Solar Spot Light

-Solar Power Light – Solar Portable Light

-Solar Power Fan

and they are all available at their website at an affordable price.